Nikki Lynn Kasha Daleina Sabaidee Fest Influencer

Nikki Lynn is an official SABAIDEE FEST 2024 Influencer


Official Post Here:

"Sabaidee Fest is excited to announce NIKKI LYNN as our influencer! 🎉🎊

Nikki Lynn, an entrepreneurial and social media influencer, proudly embraces her Hmong and Lao-American heritage. She was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN and recently founded her new path since moving to Los Angeles in 2020!

Nikki grew up in a predominantly Hmong setting, in which she plans on uplifting the Southeast Asian (SEA) community and shedding light on its diverse cultures, with a particular focus on the Hmong community. Nikki enjoys being a content creator and uses her platform to promote self-love, confidence, and lifestyle of an asian american media personality and entrepreneur.

Through her business, Kasha Daleina, she creates Hmong motif LED signs along with specializing in bespoke LED and acrylic signs for small businesses, artists, and various entertainment occasions. Beyond her business ventures, Nikki aspires to be a source of encouragement and assistance for opportunity-challenged communities, all while utilizing her creative abilities to showcase her work across various social media platforms.

Graphic by @marlocruzlight

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